Term Paper Requirements You will write an analysis of the organizational cultu

Term Paper Requirements
You will write an analysis of the organizational culture, leadership, ethical practices, and the use of
power and political behavior in your chosen company. This will require you to research as much as
you can through the company’s own website, articles written on your company, our textbook, and
scholarly articles about your company.
In your analysis, discuss the following areas:
• The organizational culture and the unique characteristics of the firm’s work environment.
• Leadership and how the various concepts and leadership models discussed in the text are
utilized in your firm’s CEO and management team
• The organizational design and structure of the firm.
• How the firm manages ethical issues, conflict and managerial challenges.
• Your recommendations for the future of the company. How can the organizational behavior of
this firm improve in the next 2-3 years? Please do not make recommendations on products or
services you want the firm to produce. Rather focus on how the company’s organizational
climate, leadership, ethics, and design should improve.
When discussing these concepts, be specific and use examples that detail how your analysis of the
organization fits with the theories that were covered in this class. The focus of this paper should be
on the organizational behavior of the company and should incorporate what you’ve learned in this
The paper should reveal additional information beyond that covered in the eText. Your own analysis,
summary, and conclusions will increase the value of your paper. The term paper should be at least
1,500 words with at least 3 scholarly references in addition to your eText for a minimum of 4 total
references. Please keep in mind that the word count requirements point out the minimum amount of
effort that should be put into the paper. Word count isn’t everything because quality of writing and
research matters as well, but it is an indication of the quantity of effort put into the assignment. Note
that word count does not include title, abstract, or reference pages. Not following this requirement
will significantly impact the grade.
HR, 4th Edition
ISBN: 9781337516624
By: Angelo DeNisi; Ricky Griffin

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