RESEARCH PAPER (100 Points) This research paper is the most significant assignme

(100 Points)
This research paper is the most significant assignment for this course and is worth 30% of the course grade. Plan on allotting sufficient time to carefully research, read, analyze your chosen topic and then to write a college level research paper demonstrating an in-depth understanding of your topic.
The written report covers each element of the outline below. Ideas must be cohesive, clearly presented and relevant to the chosen topic. When typing, include subheadings to distinguish between each category. Begin your research with the course textbook, Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization & Support, 10th Ed., to learn general information regarding your topic.
Definitions, history, facts, and statistics
Provide definitions of key terms, recent relevant history, informative
facts and statistics related to your topic.
3. Effect on child’s physical, emotional and social development
Describe what credible research says regarding how your topic influences a child’s physical health and development, psychological and emotional health and development including self-esteem, self-concept and competence, social development and peer relationships, and academic engagement.
4. Effects on family structure & function
Describe what credible research says about how your topic influences or impacts the following:
– Family structure (pp. 83-87, 90-103)
– Family function (socialization, social roles, education, economic support, and nurturance/emotional support pp. 87-90)
– Authority patterns (pp. 89, 131-135)
– Socio-economic status (pp. 105-106)
– Social class (pp.107-112)
– Norms (pp. 113-112)
– Parenting (pp. 126-137, 147-151)
– Family Dynamics (pp. 140-155)
– Family Characteristics (pp. 144-147).
5. Conclusion
REFERENCES (25 points)
A minimum of six reference sources are required.
Course textbook (Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization & Support, 10th Edition)
Professional Peer-reviewed Journal articles (4) Examples of professional peer reviewed journals are Exceptional Children, Child Abuse Review, Journal of Child & Family Studies, Journal of Family Violence, Child Study Journal, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, etc.
A book (1)
Follow APA style guidelines to cite research throughout the paper. Cite the source for every idea, fact, concept, definition, thought, or production that is not your own. Also cite source of each quote, paraphrase, or summary that you use.
Students may use reference sources in addition to the required 6 references listed above. All sources should be no older than 5 years. Older sources are acceptable for historic or comparative references only and may be used in addition to the 6 minimum required. Peer reviewed journal articles should focus mainly on children and families in the U.S., unless your topic has a specific focus outside the U.S. Read subsequent pages for specific citation format.
Your research paper should be about Divorce

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