Reading Read all of: “Rights and Obligations of Parents” (

Read all of: “Rights and Obligations of Parents” (,best%20possible%20context%20for%20childrearing.).
“Children’s Rights” (
Upload your summary of “Rights and Obligations of Parents” here by noon (lunch time). Only upload .doc or .docx format. 1) Write between 200 and 250 words (feel free to write more than 250, if you are feeling inspired); 2) be comprehensive–this is a summary of the “whole” article; 3) offer a title that brings out what you think the main point of the reading is; and 4) use your own words as much as possible. Do not write like this: “Austin says this. Then, Austin claims this. Austin then suggests this, and then this.” Try as much as you can to present the ideas alone, only alerting the reader to Austin’s authorship from time to time. If needed, see Research and Reflection Assignment 2: Hannah-Jones “The Idea of America” for help with summaries.

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