Questions: 1. Politics has gotten very personal and has even interfered in pers

1. Politics has gotten very personal and has even interfered in personal relationships. Some couples are even divorcing or breaking up because they are political opposites. Would it be difficult for you to marry and have a significant relationship with someone who is a political opposite? Why or why not?
2. Congratulations! You were just selected to serve as President Biden’s Chief of Staff. The administration needs your guidance on selecting two issues to emphasize during the upcoming year. First, which issues would you emphasize and why? How would you frame the issue so as to gain more public support and help the President’s party in the upcoming mid-term elections?
3. Model Legislation is sometimes called cut and paste legislation because the same policy can be voted on in 50 different state legislatures. Do you believe Legislators should have to write laws that are voted upon? Do you support or oppose model legislation and why?
4. Article 5 of the Nato charter says a war against one is a war against all. There are now 30 countries in Nato, including US, Britain, France, Germany…and smaller Baltic states like Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Do you support U.S. participation in the Nato military alliance? Why or why not?
5. Some say there are many similarities between Russian-Ukraine relations and China -Taiwan’s relationship. What lesson do you you believe China is learning from watching the Russian-Ukraine war?
6. Do you support President Biden’s handling of U.S. foreign policy as it relates to the Russian-Ukraine war? Why or why not?

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