Please write about ADHD. =======================================================

Please write about ADHD.
Class Project 2 (25 points)
Length: 500 – 800 words
Examples of Case Studies included at the bottom of the assignment description.
Write a case study of a student with a disability. Some resources to write your case study include video examples shared in class, readings, and other materials you might find online. For example, provides some examples of students who may be facing learning barriers in different domains. The other resource you can use would be our guest speakers. Use their stories to create your own case study. Basically you are creating a student profile and describing what resources and supports the student might benefit from. Describe the student in detail including the following information in your description:
1. Age of Child/Name
2. Grade level in school
3. Child’s background information: Interests, social abilities, demographics, family structure (parents, siblings, etc.)
4. Disability category (prevalence, definition, common areas of need and strengths)
5. Describe what the symptoms look like within the classroom context. Describe the most apparent learning barriers for the student.
6. Discuss appropriate accommodations/modifications and practical strategies (evidence-based practices) that teachers might implement to support student participation and learning. Make sure that supports adequately align with the disability and provide opportunities for growth. Focus on how to build on strengths.
7. Describe who would be involved in a collaborative team to support this student. Make sure to address how the student, caregivers and family members would be included in the team.
8. Describe ongoing considerations and approaches (e.g. progress monitoring).
Include a reference list on your completed assignment (in text citations are optional but required when using direct quotes).
Make sure to put your responses in your own words as much as possible.
Reword ideas so that they represent your own understanding of the ideas. If you are quoting another source use quotations and cite the source.
You can gather information from the class lecture slides/notes, assigned weekly readings, or additional references. Add citations if you are using the assigned readings or additional references. Be creative and have fun with this assignment. You are also welcome to add tables or visuals as supplementary materials (e.g., self-regulation scale) to help explain concepts, but you do not have to. Use APA format, 12 point font, single spaced.
You can use this link for reference too

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