Please write 500 words about a race/ethnicity current event that has happened wi

Please write 500 words about a race/ethnicity current event that has happened within the past 3 months
“It is very important to know and understand current issues regarding race/ethnicity that are occurring in everyday society. As a result, your current event assignments are designed to have you read an article from a newspaper, magazine, or website and to analyze the article. It is also important that within your analysis you include:
1.) The article’s exact title, author, date, source (magazine, newspaper, website, etc.) and topic. Please be clear about how your article relates to a contemporary race/ethnicity issue. (You do NOT need to attach a copy of the article itself.)
2.) Next, make sure you include in your own words an in-depth summary of the content of your article. Describe the setting-who, what, when (date of occurrence [must be within the last 3 months]), where, why, how, etc.
3.) Finally, please give me your overall reaction to the article by illustrating:
Your position on the issue contained in the article. How do you feel about this event?
How does this event affect you? How does this event affect others?
Do you foresee any possible solutions or justice in the future?
Please keep in mind while writing your current event that this is not your opinion of whether the article was good or bad. Instead, the assignment is for you to explore your personal attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs on various issues taking place today in relationship to race and ethnicity topics.”

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