Paper #1 — Evaluation Evaluation Paper 500 – 750 words (or more) Times New Roma

Paper #1 — Evaluation
Evaluation Paper 500 – 750 words (or more)
Times New Roman font, size 12
Choose a subject to evaluate — this can be anything from a single item (like a movie or a television show) to a multiple range (like a series of like products). Write an essay assessing your subject, giving your readers all of the background information, reasons, and evidence they will need to accept your judgment. Feel free to write a praising or a condemning critique. Your principal aim is to convince your readers that your evaluation of this subject is informed and reasonable, and is based on criteria that are generally accepted as appropriate for judging this kind of subject.
Think of your choice carefully. Make sure it is one that you know well, have definite opinions about and can write about clearly and fully. Therefore, some primary research will be necessary in order to do this well.
Furthermore, think of your audience carefully. How much background information will they need? How much description of the subject will be needed? Are your criteria appropriate to both your subject and your audience? Or is it too eccentric and personal? Is your judgment clear, fair and supportable? Must have at least 3 well-developed reasons to support your assertion/thesis. Apt comparison between your subject and another may also be most useful to let your readers get a wider fix upon both the work and your judgment of it.
Overall, be credible.

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