One way that you can better understand the practical significance of the OB topi

One way that you can better understand the practical significance of the OB topics we learn in class is to see how they play out in everyday life in organizations. Our world is, in many ways, driven by the activities and people in work organizations. As such, stories about the workplace are constantly a topic in the news. Since OB issues are central to the daily functioning of every organization, many of these news stories focus on OB related topics. The individual assignment will require you to find one of these news stories (dated any time between December 1st 2021 and the day before the class) and write a brief 400 word report on this story for each class one is assigned (5 in total x 3 marks each = 15%). The topic of each story you do your report on must be about one of the topics in the chapter(s) we are covering in class (as listed in the syllabus) on the day it is due. You are to turn in the news article along with a brief summary (Maximum 400 words, 12-point Times New Roman font with double spaced and 1- inch margins) of the news article and discussion of the relevant class topics to which it relates. You should have one paragraph summarizing the article and the rest of your paper should be dedicated to explaining how it relates to the class topic you are focusing on as well as a brief analysis of how the article helps in better understanding the material we are learning that week. This project will be worth 15% of your grade (3% for each paper). These are to be turned in online, via the class webpage, before the start of each class that they are due.
The articles are to be from reputable news sources such as major city newspapers (Toronto Star, NY Times, etc.), nation/international papers (Globe and Mail, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, etc.), reputable news magazines (McLean’s, Forbes, etc.) or reputable mainstream media websites (CTV News, CBC,, CNN, BBC, etc.). Note, we will discuss what credible and reputable news sources are in class. Your news stories can come from the world of business, sports, politics, entertainment, or anywhere that really and truly relates to the OB topic you are focusing on. It is up to you to show me how it relates. Finally, you must be ready to discuss your examples in class each week.
Each paper will be graded on the following:
1. Article Summary – Thoroughness/Clarity (7 mark)
2. Effectiveness linking news story to class/textbook material (10 marks)
3. Analysis of how article helps in learning material in class/textbook (8 marks)
4. Writing Style, Clarity, Grammar & Formatting (inclusion of article and proper APA citation, is the paper double spaced, staying within the word limit) (5 mark)
Please submit your Values, Attitudes, and Work Behaviour assignments via word document. Also please remember to include the article or at least a link to the article.

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