Objective: The objective of this Critical Reflection/Response is to critically r

The objective of this Critical Reflection/Response is to critically reflect on Module 4’s Lesson (attached pdf), and to respond to the following prompt.
The world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in countries everywhere implementing varying measures of sheltering-in-place, social distancing, masking mandates, and vaccine protocols. Yet, the United States has been exceptional in its political response to these measures.
How might concepts from this Module frame the COVID-19 protest discourse? How can the messaging of those inside the protest (as well as those outside of it) be analyzed in terms of the concepts and ideas of this week’s module? Indeed, how does the mask/anti-mask debate help us, as anthropologists, understand what it means to be “American”?
Demonstrate your understanding of the Module 4 theme “Defining by Negation” (attached pdf)
Incorporate an anthropological perspective and effectively utilize appropriate terms and concepts
Analyze the prompt by specifically using at least two (2) elements of Module 4 (for example, the Linton readings, the Foucault film clip, the NAGPRA websites and film clips, and related articles)
Think critically about and mention specifically how those two (2) elements inspired your thinking about what it means to be American – in other words, talk about “Defining by Negation” and/or “Othering”, and tell us how what you read influenced that thinking
Write in clear and concise language, free of grammatical issues, stay within the word limit
Properly cite (that is, give credit) to the elements you mentioned above

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