NO PLAGIARISM!! Only use material in files for topic! You will be doing three t

NO PLAGIARISM!! Only use material in files for topic!
You will be doing three things in this first assignment of the Research Project:
Topic: Comparison between the Covid 19 pandemic and past national crises
List three news articles from the linked PDF on your single topic in Introduction to the Research Project. Cite the sources in Chicago-style:
Identify and explain the key historical comparisons that journalists have made in the selected articles in a short synopsis of 100-150 total words
Draft a thesis statement
Preview the document responding directly to the following question: Have journalists made effective use of historical background information to help explain [insert your topic]?
After selecting your topic, you can dive in to the assignment, which includes two parts:
Part I – A topic description and draft thesis statement, that lists the news sources that you will consult, provides a brief synopsis of the historical connections journalists have made to explain the selected current issue, and a speculative, draft thesis statement.
Part II – A “research prospectus,” which includes a brief introduction to your topic, a thesis statement, and an annotated bibliography of several sources, including news articles, textbook sections, and academic journal articles. Essentially, you will be compiling the research and crafting the argument that you might use in an essay without having to write the paper itself.

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