Instructions Use the following guidelines to create your Paper: Entwistle Revie

Use the following guidelines to create your Paper: Entwistle Review Assignment:
1. Provide a title page in current APA format including only your name, the Paper: Entwistle Review Assignment title (referring to the article title), and the institutional affiliation (Liberty University). Keep in mind that current APA recommends that the title length not exceed 12 words. Use the running head in the appropriate place and a page number on every page. Divide your summary into sections with the following headings: Summary, Interaction, and Application (review the current APA Manual for guidance on levels of headings if needed).
2. Develop a summary of the main concepts from Entwistle, Chapters 8-11 in approximately two pages. Be appropriately concise but also be adequately complete in your ideas. Prove that you comprehend the main ideas by writing a clear and succinct summary. The summary is not a commentary or listing of topics but rather a discussion of the core ideas (main ideas) in the chapters. If you miss the main ideas, you lack an understanding of the complete message of the chapters. In this Paper: Entwistle Review Assignment, please make sure that you identify all of the models that Entwistle discusses. Cite the book in-text (Entwistle, 2015) at least once per paragraph and include page numbers for direct quotations (Entwistle, 2015, p. 123). As a general rule of thumb, please limit your direct quotations to no more than three short quotations per written page. As a graduate student, you are encouraged to use your own voice and tell your reader what the authors said, rather than using lengthy quotes. Your professor wants to read what your own summary description of the text is.
3. In your own words, interact (in approximately 1 page) with the chapters. Appropriate comments for this part of the Paper: Entwistle Review Assignment should include, but are not limited to: your initial response to the chapters, insights you gained from reading these chapters, other thoughts you have that might further enhance the discussion of your article, and especially which model best suits yourself and why. Your subjective comments in this section must be clearly tied to main points from the article, not peripheral ideas.
4. In your final section (in approximately 1 page) write how you would apply the information you have learned from this article to a particular counseling situation or to yourself. You are encouraged to write about how this concept of Entwistle’s models will impact how you will operate as a professional counselor in the future. Also, consider other sources that you have encountered in your life up to this point that relate to Entwistle’s ideas, such as other textbooks, journal articles, Scripture passages, and even ethical codes such as those in the ACA Code of Ethics (2014) or the AACC Code of Ethics (2014).
5. Please make sure to include a Reference page and properly cite the Entwistle (2015) book, along with any other sources of information you cite in your Paper: Entwistle Review Assignment.

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