In this assignment, you will revisit your Week 1 assignment submission and use i

In this assignment, you will revisit your Week 1 assignment submission and use it as a starting point for this assignment. You will apply the topics and vocabulary from this class to develop a more robust report on the arts in your community. Your more in-depth look at the visual and performing arts in your community are skills that translate to creative thinking and diverse perspectives in the workplace.
Select one of the following options to complete this assignment.
Option A: Visual and Performing Arts in the Community
Your presentation on the arts in your community caught the attention of your local town council. They have reached out to you and asked if you will write up a report to use as part of their efforts to raise money to support the arts from public and private donors. As a passionate advocate for the arts, your report should highlight the great examples of the visual and performing arts from your Week 1 presentation and explain why the arts deserve to be funded. (Use your W1 assignment as a start point, but do not copy text from your W1 assignment into this assignment.)
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you:
Provide examples of both visual and performing arts, along with specific terminology from the course to describe how a person encounters the arts.
Explain why the arts are important to humanity.
Include anecdotes from successful professionals (e.g., business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities)who explain why they are patrons of the visual and performing arts.
Explain how the arts contribute to a culture of diversity.
Include a reference page and format your references according to APA guidelines.
Cite sources to support your work. Refer to your text, learning activities, or other reliable sources. Include in-text and reference page citations. All direct quotations require quotation marks and source citations. All information taken from other sources (including images) requires in-text and reference page citations.
Use a citation generator, such as the Reference & Citation Generator in the Center for Writing Excellence for guidance on formatting your reference list using APA format. Consult the References page on the APA Style website for assistance. Don’t worry about perfection. If you make a mistake, your faculty member can help, so please let your faculty member know if you have any questions.

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