In small groups of 3 or 4, students will identify one developmental issue/at ris

In small groups of 3 or 4, students will identify one developmental issue/at risk condition of infants and toddlers, and conduct a research on the identified developmental issue using current research on neurobiological processes, birth practices, and the role of family in the development of the child.
All projects will be presented via a media recording and uploaded on Canvas
my part is
1. Indicators Postnatal Emotional Neglect in Children
2. Indicators of Parents Engaging in emotional abuse
3. Resources for Families at Risk
topic is: Postnatal Emotional Neglect
Your team will be designated by the instructor. Students will be notified of group assignment via class announcement.
Your team will discuss possible topics and decide on a topic of interest. You will sign up with the professor so that there is no duplication of projects. If there is another team interested in the same topic, both groups will need to negotiate their focus with each other (in order to avoid duplicate information).
Your group will discuss:
What is the concern, problem, issue of your topic that you will focus on to present to parents and care teachers?
Divide up the areas to research. All members must complete their own research and contribute to the display board.
The visual element will be to create an interesting powerpoint with information about the issue that will would be presented to parents and care teachers. The PowerPoint should be well organized, easy to read, professional in appearance and provide accurate yet not overwhelming information.
The oral (virtual) presentation will inform fellow class members of the depth of knowledge you learned on your topic. Groups will meet over Zoom to record their PowerPoint presentation. During your oral presentation your camera must be on to include your face while presenting your slides. Please do not READ your PowerPoint slides, but rather share your information with the class. This is your opportunity to show what you know about the topic.
The written portion will include the information you have researched. The written part MUST be in your own words do not copy an article or information pasted from the internet or a book. Be sure to reference and correctly cite your sources in the written portion.
Oral/virtual presentation (you will present your project as a recorded media file from Zoom):
VISUALLY with a PowerPoint of all your materials you would include during your presentation to parents and care teacher. This should include images and titles of appropriate books and materials that will support your topic and demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge.
ORALLY with sharing information about what you learned from your research.
WRITTEN by submitting a research paper, typed, correct grammar and spelling.
Each person must contribute equally to the visual, oral, and written presentation. Each group member will be evaluated by their team members, including a list of his/her contributions and those of each group member to the professor. A form will be provided by the professor.
Assignment grading criteria – See grading criteria for details. (100 points)
Grading Criteria
Visual (30 points):
Accurate, relevant, informative PowerPoint Presentation(20)
Support display/materials – books and other visual display (10)
Written (30 points):
Thorough and detailed (22)
APA format, Accurately cited references , professionalism(8)
Oral Presentation (30 points):
All team members participate equally
Presentation between 12 and 15 minutes
Mastery of topic, thorough research
Creative and original use of visual aids and presentation style
Confident stage/Zoom presence
Camera was on and face was visible during presentation (30 Points will be forfeited if your camera does not show your face)
Group Evaluation (10 points)
my part

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