Important Note: Plagiarism report is required. ———————-ASSIGNMENT

Important Note: Plagiarism report is required.
———————-ASSIGNMENT TOPIC———————-
Identify a general industry with a specific focus (ex: industry–cosmetics,focus—cosmetics for people of color)
that has clearly experienced dramatic changes over time, providing clear, specific examples. You
will tell the “story” of the trend from a bit of a historical background to the current nature of the
> Introduction of Industry, in general, and then specific focus.
This includes some foundational history of the industry, its beginnings, early pioneers, etc. then followed by
the emergence of your specific focus.
Cosmetics example: Who, When, Where did Cosmetics begin to emerge; then Who, When, Where did cosmetics specifically
for people of color begin to emerge.
> Market Analysis:
Describe the Marketing Landscape of the industry/product category, in general.
* Is the market Global, U.S., Regional and/or Local? Explain.
* Size: sales, revenue, growth, consumers. Explain
[Cosmetics example: Size/growth/revenue of cosmetics industry in general, then drill down to the wide variety of
types of providers, from large corporations to small boutiques that make up the size of specific market targeting
people of color.]
> Competitor Analysis:
Who are the players (brands/companies), large and small in this particular market? Define the various
product/services. Specific examples.
* Who are the market leaders, niche providers, family/independent owners?
* How do they compare? Offerings, Services, Management, Size, etc.
[Cosmetics example: There are many large cosmetic companies/brands that offer ethnic-oriented cosmetics,
L’ancome, Este Lauder, L’oreal Paris etc. There are also many niche brands/companies who focus entirely on this
narrow target. There are also small, independently-owned salons, boutiques in the market. While this could not be
exhaustive, they do exist and should be acknowledged with a few examples as well.]
>Consumer Analysis:
Describe the different Target Markets that the industry appeals to.
*Specifically, describe at least TWO existing Target Markets/Customer Profiles and how they differ.
* Geographic/Demographics (age, income, location, culture/subculture, family structure etc.)
* Social Class/Lifestyle/Personality characteristics
[Cosmetics example: Age—some ethnic-oriented cosmetics are targeted toward young women (taking on the world,
coming of age” messages. Others toward mid/older women attempting to remain youthful (wrinkles, fine lines et
Find example of ads for each target market you choose]
————CURRENT TRENDS in Marketing Mix————————
Each element of the marketing mix should have its own, distinct section.
> Where in the marketing mix have the greatest changes taken place? Explain, specific examples.
Nature of the product/services being offered (which levels?)? [Cosmetics—creams/make-up/soaps/haircare|
Pricing strategies? [Cosmetics—bargain, mid-range, premium-prices products to reflect different lifesyles]
Product placement (customer access)? [Cosmetics—how/where, Big box, grocery/pharmacy/specialty/online]
Promotional strategies? (TV, print ads, couponing, trade shows, specialty publications, celebrities, examples]
Use of social media? [primary platforms used, influencers]
All sources should be cited within the body of the text using either endnotes or parenthetical form.
FINAL PAPER: Thorough, well-written. Double-space , 1″ margins, 10-12 pitch font. Written content should be approximately 10-12 pages.

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