Identify your PICO or research question of interest. (Does exercise improve the

Identify your PICO or research question of interest. (Does exercise improve the mental health
status of adults with clinical depression over ≥ 6 months?)
Gather five research articles on your topic: be sure to save them and submit them along with the matrix.
Do not use clinical guidelines, Cochran Reviews, abstracts, or poster presentations. You can search for research only by indicating “research” when you do an advanced search. If you can’t answer many of the questions, it is probably not a research article.
We do not recommend using more than one systematic review or meta-analysis. These are harder to evaluate because they have so much more information. Remember, it is not individuals in these studies- it is their articles. Use the articles to find individual studies that may be easier to understand and use.
Review sample matrix and summary
Use matrix table- one for each article and critique the parts of the article using the rubric.
Be sure to identify the evaluation tool used to grade the evidence.
Identify where there are issues with the articles and what gaps were not addressed with the research; be prepared. This may change the way you look at your topic or result in a slightly different direction for your area of interest. This is ok- that is what you want to accomplish with this assignment. It will assist you as you move forward with your project.
You will turn in the matrix tables, summary, references, and pdf copies of your five articles for this assignment.
Key definitions:
Level of evidence: the process used to evaluate the level of evidence of your articles- such as Jones Hopkins, Cincinnati Children’s evaluation, etc.,
Evaluation tool: use the method and describe how you arrived at the scoring or knowing that the article included all content it needed to- such as CASP;
Instrument: What type of instrument or tool was used in the article? This could be a depression screening tool, Nurse satisfaction tool, etc. Describe the instrument- how many questions, reliability- consistency with test-retest, Cronbach Alpha, inter-rater reliability; validity with content validity, face validity
Here are the links to the research articles:

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