I would prefer if you wrote about how it shouldn’t be banned and is a fundamenta

I would prefer if you wrote about how it shouldn’t be banned and is a fundamental human right and women
should be able to do whatever they want with their body.
No more than 1300 words
1) Framing the Issue
Identify and/or address questions, problems, and/or hypotheses informed by knowledge of context.
What is the issue you are addressing? What do you already know? What is your thesis (argument) on this
2) Evidence Gathering
Assemble, review, and synthesize evidence from diverse sources of relevant knowledge.
What did you learn while researching this topic? What do experts have to say about it?
3) Analysis
Use evidence to address questions, test hypotheses, and evaluate claims and solutions.
How does each piece of evidence connect to each other? How does it connect to your thesis?
4) Conclusions
Draw conclusions supported by evidence; identify implications and limitations.
Based on what you have seen in your research, is your thesis correct? Do you need to alter it at all?
You must have at least 5 sources for your paper. They may support your thesis, or they may contradict it.
Either is fine.
Use any reputable online sources
If you are using a website, be sure to evaluate it for credibility, accuracy, bias, and relevance.

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