How Language Shapes Thought “Language . . . is the most important sign system of

How Language Shapes Thought
“Language . . . is the most important sign system of human society. . . . Everyday life is, above all, life with and by means of the language I share with my fellowmen. An understanding of language is thus essential for any understanding of the reality of everyday life.” (The Social Construction of Reality, p. 51–52).
Although we generally take our use of language and ability to communicate for granted as we move through our everyday lives, the languages we use have more of an impact on our perception and construction of our social world than we might realize.

Article 1: How the Language We Speak Affects the Way We Think (
Article 2: Human Language | Boundless Psychology (
Article 3: ‘Race against time’: Pandemic propels fight to save Native American languages (
Response Prompt
After watching the video and reading the articles answer the following writing prompt in 300+ words:
Explain how language can impact different societies’ perceptions of everyday life. Why is this facet of language important and what repercussions does it have?
Provide three supporting examples for your argument. Up to two examples may come from the video and articles you read. At least one should be an example that you found yourself. Clearly label your three examples with numbers and cite your sources (MLA).

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