Good afternoon, As a result of your Spring 2022 grades and Probation status, you

Good afternoon,
As a result of your Spring 2022 grades and Probation status, you may qualify for Dismissal*. It is important that the Academic Standing Committee understands the circumstances that may have caused or contributed to the failing grade(s) earned. The Academic Standing Committee meeting will convene on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. The Impact Statement should include the following:
1st paragraph: Please provide a concise explanation of the extenuating circumstances (those personal events beyond your control) which have directly impacted your academic performance. Explain the connection between the extenuating circumstances and your academic performance. Please discuss when the particular event(s) occurred, how long you were affected and what course(s) was affected.
Events that occured:
– Fall 2021 – I had to relocate due to Hurricane Ida. I had mold growing all over my apartment so I had to find and move to a new apartment in the middle of the semester. This affected my learning tremendiously. Mentally physicaly and emotionally. This affected all of my courses as I had to fight to finish the semester. I was able to pass all of my courses except 1 Therapeutics course Cardiology II.
– I lost a mother to colon cancer and it was extreamly hard during this time trying to focus.
2nd paragraph: Outline what steps you took to deal with the extenuating circumstances during or after the occurrence (e.g. consultation with a health care professional or professional counselor, participation in the Academic Enrichment Program (AEP), meeting with course coordinator or course instructor).
– Consulted with my doctor about having issues with focusing
– Reached out to my AEP and accademic advisor for possible study tools to help me pass
– Set up meeting with my proffesors reguarding my quiz and exam scores
– Attended tutuoring sessions
3rd paragraph: Discuss the personal adjustments you will make to remain in “Good Academic Standing” in the COP (e.g. reduce working hours, increase study time, reduce commitments, regular meetings with counselor or course instructor, etc.).
– I plan to decrese my work hours
– Attend the appropiate tutoring sessions avalible for me
– I will make a comprehensive study schedule to ensure I usung my study time wisely
– Continue my regular meetings with my advisors

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