For this assignment, you will become an observer and complete “fieldwork”. Fiel

For this assignment, you will become an observer and complete “fieldwork”.
Fieldwork is when a social scientist objectively observes and write detailed notes.
What does that mean?
It means you will go into the “field” –any public place, or anywhere people are interacting, and write down your observations about nonverbal communication.
Sit, watch, and report. How are people interacting? What does their nonverbal communication imply? How does the setting and their personal physical aspects affect their communication?
Please use detailed and descriptive language, and really try to capture a “moment in time” as you describe how people interact with each other.
Please submit your essay to this dropbox and include the following:
At least two pages typed– MINIMUM of 675 words
Double spaced
Paragraphs, not bullets
Include nonverbal terminology
Specific examples
Reminder: All written work must comply with standard English rules, such as proper capitalization, grammar, and spelling. The assignment must be submitted by the deadline listed on the calendar.
Note: Even though you will see a statement giving you the option of copy/paste or file attachment, you are required to attach the assignment in MS Word format.

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