[Final Project Preparation Guide] -> Art of the East, China Write a 1000-1500-wo

[Final Project Preparation Guide] -> Art of the East, China
Write a 1000-1500-word essay or create an art work (e. g. video or film) on one of the three topics listed below. Your essay or art work should analyze/utilize at least three examples/situations from different moments in Chinese art history. Instead of giving your essay or art work a rigid tripartite structure, with three separate sections focusing on selected works and situations, you should connect your examples into a coherent discussion or presentation through exploring their similarities and differences in changing historical contexts.
1) Throughout history, cultural exchange has been an important factor for the production of works of art in China. Pick three historical situations during which cultural exchange played a crucial role and discuss specific works of art or groups of artworks to analyze how styles, subject matter, materials, and concepts from outside were appropriated into Chinese visual culture
2) Art is related to politics in many ways. Please reconstruct three historical situations to illuminate three different kinds of relationships between art and politics. You may choose your cases from any moment in Chinese art history. In each case, however, you should demonstrate the connections between politics and contemporary developments of art style, content, and/or discourse.
3) Chinese painting has different yet coexisting formats — the handscroll, the hanging scroll, the painted screen, the album, the architectural mural, and so on. Each format is a unique medium, providing the artist with a specific possibility to develop visual images and demanding a specific way of viewing. Discuss the basic features and characteristics of three different formats, explain how these features are related to the development of pictorial imagery, and explore the interrelationship between these formats in the development of Chinese painting.
*Use Chicago style citation whenever you quote external resources from online websites to hardcopy publications.
*Add title to the essay and write down your name and your TA’s name on top of your assignment.
*font: Times New Roman (12pt)
*Add your images at the very end of the essay and add numbers and tombstone information to each of them.
Ex. Figure 1. Chen Hongshu, The Mountain of Five Cataracts 五洩山, Hanging scroll, ink on silk, 232.4×69.7 cm , The Cleveland Museum of Art.
P.S., there have to be a lot of citations (10-20) from the book by Wu Hung. The class was an art requirement that looked at Chinese history through the lens of art (Han dynasty, Qing dynasty etc…)

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