Essays should be written in APA format with appropriate references and should be

Essays should be written in APA format with appropriate references and should be long enough to completely address the topic but must be a minimum of 500 words in length (note – a 500 word essay may or may not give you the full points for the assignment – this is a minimum to receive any credit – grade will be based on the organization, accuracy, and completeness of the essay). Essay will be evaluated on content – not just the length of the essay. Essay should have a title page but an abstract is not needed. I expect the essays to include information from multiple sources other than your textbook and ALL information should be referenced with APA format in-text citations and a reference list. Failure to follow APA format and these requirements will void any extra credit toward Exam #1.
Essay #1 – Chemical Bonding
Chemical bonding is another important topic in Biology because it not only determines the structure of biological molecules but also the function of biological molecules. In this essay, you should address the characteristics and properties of covalent and ionic bonding – be sure to compare and contrast these two types of bonds in detail. Also, your essay should address the characteristics, properties and roles of intermolecular forces. List these forces and describe how they contribute to the characteristics and properties of biological molecules.
Essay #2 – Properties of Water
The properties of water is one of the most critical topics in Biology to understand. In this essay, discuss the polar covalent bonding and hydrogen bonding found in water and how these determine the properties of water. Include a description and discussion of the role of cohesive and adhesive forces in capillary action, how water moderates surrounding environmental temperature, importance of the low density of ice and its impact on the environment, and how water is suitable as a solvent for all life processes.

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