Essay Assignment In 5-6 double-spaced pages, you should answer one of the follow

Essay Assignment
In 5-6 double-spaced pages, you should answer one of the following questions using at least SIX peer-reviewed sources. Non-peer reviewed sources (including popular magazines like Psychology Today) are not allowed!
Papers should be cited in full using APA parenthetical referencing. All papers should include a title page with the question clearly stated, as well as a bibliography (neither of which count against the page count).
Your essay should clearly answer the question (hint: that would be your thesis).
i) Recent years have seen new forms of therapeutic interventions – namely text therapy services (e.g. TalkSpace, Kids Help Phone’ Crisis Text Line) – emerge and gain popularity, despite some people warning that these services may be limited in their efficacy. How can we understand the emergence of text therapy?
ii) Should suicide and suicide attempts inherently and automatically be considered evidence of underlying mental illness?
iii) During his presidency, several psychiatrists publicly suggested that Donald Trump might be suffering from mental illness, potentially providing the grounds for impeachment (while others of course disagreed). Trump aside, how useful is the act of public diagnosis? Should it be permitted?
v) Historians have spent a significant amount of time debating the reasons for the failure of the moral treatment movement. Is it fair to see moral treatment’s story as a failure? If so, why did the movement fail?
vii) How successful has the consumer/survivor movement been in changing the status and protecting the rights of individuals diagnosed with mental illness?
In terms of sources, there are many potential places that students can look.Although each specific topic will likely benefit from the use of different databases, some of the better ones include: Anthropology Abstracts America: History and Life, Academic OneFile, Anthropology Plus, Arts & Humanities Citation Index (Web of Science), Historical Abstracts, JSTOR, Social Sciences Abstracts, Scholars Portal, and Sociological Abstract.
Although strictly medical sources might be useful for this paper, there is a good chance that you’ll get much more from taking an interdisciplinary approach to your literature search. Thus, we strongly encourage you to make use of the types of databases listed above.

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