Assignment 1: Students will be assigned a partner and CBT treatment session on t

Assignment 1: Students will be assigned a partner and CBT treatment session on the 1st week of class in order to complete this assignment. Using a provided CBT intervention manual, each student must carry out one 45-minute simulated videotaped treatment session (student pairs will work together in taking turns being the consumer and the therapist). For the session you must demonstrate rapport with the consumer and adherence to the protocol. Your assigned session will require you to demonstrate one or more CBT skills. You will also need to create a diagnosis and demographic history for your client. In doing so, make sure that the consumer’s presenting problem is appropriate for the treatment approach. Also, you should conduct this assignment as if you were doing a REAL session so make sure that your dress, demeanor, and beginning and ending of the session, are appropriate. A written report is also required. Specific guidelines are included at the end of the syllabus.
Cover Page (APA format 7th edition)
Client description including demographics, ethnicity, SES, and education.
Brief description of the presenting problem from a biopsychosocial spiritual framework, completed DSM-V diagnosis, and any ethical, diversity, and/or differences that impacted the treatment session.
Empirical support for using your treatment (2 pages with 3 to 5 peer reviewed references).
How would you collaborate with other professionals in meeting the needs of this consumer (2 to 3 paragraphs)?
How would you advocate for this consumer if needed (2 to 3 paragraphs)?
Self-reflections on what you liked/disliked about following a manualized treatment and what you would have done differently. Include any adaptions you made based on your practice experience or consumer needs.
Attached is the audio to the mock video (45 minutes) and the structure of the interview. The only pages that need to be review are 17-19
How thoughts affect mood sessions (this is suppossed to be session 3 with client)

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