A reflection paper is a chance for you to reflect on the materials from the lear

A reflection paper is a chance for you to reflect on the materials from the learning unit. You should NOT research any of the materials from the unit. Instead, work with your own understanding of the materials to create meaning for the learning unit.
For Unit One Reflection, consider the different fields/disciplines in the humanities that were outlined in Welcome to the Humanities. Then, think about how those fields/disciplines are “at work” in the “What, When, Where, and How” sections of the learning unit. Are the Humanities important? Why or why not? Do the Humanities effect your daily life? How are the Humanities tied to your career pathway at Broward College? (Even if you’re interested in the STEM pathways, the Humanities still play an important role).
Write a 500 word reflection paper where you explore the importance of the Humanities to your own life or area of study. Be sure to quote from and reference specific materials from the Learning Unit. DO NOT do outside research. The paper should be double spaced with a standard 12 point font. Paragraphs should be left justified and the first line should be indented. No heading is required.
Amanda Anderson at TEDxBrownUniversity

In Amanda Anderson’s Ted Talk, she discusses three different ways to consider the humanities. In the video, she discusses the distinctive value of the humanities. Consider her ideas and think about how you might consider the content of this course. She suggests that there are some extremes when thinking about the humanities that are problematic. However, she concludes that studying the humanities is perhaps the most important thing we can do in our time because it forces us to consider values and clarify our values. What tips might help work through this class? Have you heard any of these ideas before? It might be fun to watch the video now and then return to it at the end of the semester. How have her ideas come true? How might you better understand what she’s saying? What contemporary connections are being made in the video? What connections can you make? Be sure to watch for ways that the materials in the unit might relate to each other.
Stephen Colbert Connects Chance the Rapper with “Lord of the Rings”

While Humanities scholars produce work in various forms and use a variety of materials, it’s important to remember that people educated in the Humanities can look at individual disciplines within the humanities and connect them to other areas within the humanities. These connections represent themes that emerge within Humanities studies — and these themes and studies are not just important to scholars, professors, and students; popular culture is full of people who can connect themes and ideas that exist within Humanities disciplines. Much like the previous video, where students in a California study the Humanities through their own experience, Steven Colbert shows us that we don’t have to look too far to see the layers of meaning provided by the Humanities. What is important for Colbert’s analysis is a breadth of knowledge — a breadth that is only available through studying the Humanities.
Watch the following video in which Stephen Colbert demonstrates what it looks like when we practice Humanities scholarship. Colbert finds a connection between Chance the Rapper, Broadway musicals, a novel, Old English poetry, and a twenty-first-century film. Throughout the course, we will be exploring ancient, historical, and contemporary ideas. Our goal will be to connect those ideas (themes) similarly to Colbert’s demonstration below. So as you watch the video, work to see the information beyond what Colbert presents: What does it mean? Why is it important? How might each humanity subject he uses (music, theater, literature, film) be affected by the knowledge that they are connected in the way Colbert outlines?

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